Student/Client Testimonials

Ronan O'Doherty 2014

Muay Thai Class

Stride Conditioning affected my life in countless positive ways. I'm in the best shape of my life and am more confident in myself than ever. I feel like I'm an important member of a team and enjoy helping my friends reach their fitness goals while I strive towards mine. My only regret is that I didn't join sooner.

Francisco Davidson 2014

Muay Thai Class

​Lanny is an excellent coach, trainer and teacher. He knows just when to push to get the most out of your workout. Whether you're looking to stay or get back in shape, or serious about competitively training for Muay Thai, he'll get you there!!! Lanny was recommended to me, and now I'm hooked! And I have to say, stop by and check out the gym.

Dr. Monica Choi 2012

Personal Training

Working out on my own has always been a part of my lifestyle, however no matter how much I challenged myself the results seemed to reach a plateau. So I took a chance consulting with Lanny because I wanted to see if he could offer any training tips. He was very professional from the start and after discussing my fitness goals he came up with a plan to fit my needs. I was surprised from the onset as Lanny took my workouts to an entirely new level, challenging me to work out at an intensity that I was unable to achieve by myself. His sessions were highly motivating, fun, and educational; his workouts always felt safe and effective. Within a few weeks, there were noticeable changes in the target areas I had mentioned I wanted focus on. I would recommend Lanny to anyone who is considering making a change to their current level of fitness.

Jo-Anne Finnegan, PH.D., C.Psych 2010

Personal Training

Lanny is a gentle soul with an iron will. Anyone who can get me into Thai Boxing (and loving it!) has a great determination and resolve. Quietly, and surreptitiously, he has pushed me just hard enough, so I don't feel overwhelmed...but he always is setting the bar higher and higher. 

Proper form is Lanny's priority.

Lanny's enthusiasm and upbeat mood make training early in the morning something to look forward to. His eagerness is contageious. He "reads" me well and is able to adjust nimbly when I am hurting or simply not chugging on all cylinders.

Lanny interacts professionally. He is flexible around scheduling, and communicates well.

I recommend Lanny without hesitation.

Dr. Mel Starr  2010

Muay Thai Client

I spent a dozen sessions with Lanny Chan training in the acquisition of boxing skills. Lanny is a Muay Thai fighter with lightening speed. As a trainer he is remarkably skilled in teaching all aspects of boxing. But of note is Lanny as a person. He is a gentle man; very reinforcing of one's boxing growth, and in my experience with him went at my speed although he did push me at times. I enjoyed every moment I spent with Lanny and I would recommend him as a trainer to anyone. He possesses all the traits of a good teacher: knowledgeable, patient, demonstrated when he wants you to learn and you feel he respects you.